Frequently Asked Questions

                    Related to Affiliation and Recognization

Question1 What is Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior ?

Answer 1 Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior is an Educational


Question 2 Which Examination Conducted by  Board of Secondary Education Madhya

             Bharat Gwalior?  

Answer 2  Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior conducts

           High school (10th) and  Intermediate (12th) Examinations.

Question 3  What is the Recognization of Board  ?

Answer  3  The Board is completely recognized under intermediate Education

            Act 1921 and by different different Universities ,  .    

 Question 4 After Qualifying the Examinations Conducted by Board, Can we do Higher

             Studies and Government jobs?

Answer 4  Yes, According to Law you can do Government jobs and Higher

            Studies in different Universities,  

Question 5 Is the Board Recognized by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development)

            Govt. of India Shastri Bhawan New Delhi or not?   

 Answer 5  MHRD do not regulate any Board and it does not give recogniztion to any Board.

            MHRD does not have any law regarding the education setup to

            intermediate Education Board .So, we do not need any Recognizations.

Question 6 Why is your Board not recognized by COBSE (Council of School Education)

             Subhash Palace Delhi. All Boards are recognized by COBSE, Why is not your Board?

Answer 6  COBSE (Council of Boards School Education) is not a government institution.

             It is a private Institution. It gives only memberships to Board. 

             It gives no benefit and do not issue any Grant. So, we have not need
             any Reorganization.            

Question 7  when is the Examinations of  Board will held ?

Answer  7  The Board conducts Examinations in months of April –May every year

              and Supplementary Examination in September.every year

Question 8  Where did the Examination held ?

Answer 8  The Examination conducted by Board are organized in institutions/schools

             affiliated by Board. The Compete responsibility for safe conduction of

             Examinations is in hands of principal and Head of institutions.

Question 9  Are the students passed by Board doing govt. jobs ?

 Answer 9 Yes, the students passed by Board are doing govt. jobs in various departments

             like as Indian Army , Indian Police etc.                                  

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Question1 Where do I get a copy of booklet BSEMB Rules for Affiliation ?

 Answer 1 the BSEMB Rules for Affiliation are available on our website


Question 2 When can a scholl apply for permanent affiliation ?

Answer 2  the school can apply for permanent affiliation after presenting the

           first batch of students for BSEMB class Xth Examinations.

Question 3 Can a school affiliated to another Board switch over to BSEMB affiliation?

 Answer 3 Yes,you need a no objection Certificate in favour of BSEMB from state

           government concerned.       

 Question 4 Can a school affiliated with BSEMB seek affiliation with another

            Examination Board ?                      

Answer 4 No.                      

Question 5 If a condidate has passed in all subjects in BSEMB examination,can
            he/she reppear in one or two subjects to improve grades ?

Answer 5 Yes, a condidate may reppear in one or more subjects to obtain a pass

           certificate in BSEMB examination. A supplementary pass certificate will be

           awarded to a condidate on successful performance in subject/subjects in

           which the repperance has been undertaken.

Question 6 What is the procedure followed to make a correction in name / parents name/

            DOB in my BSEMB certificate ?

Answer 6 You are requested to first contact to the school and then forward the following

           documents to council (through school)-
(a)        Duly attested copy of amended school Admission form .  

(b)        Duly attested copy of Birth certificate.    

(c)        Original Affidant (signed by first class Megistrate) in English . 

(d)        Original statement of marks . and pass certificate .    

(e)        Demand Draft of Rs 1000/-  in favour of Board of Secondary Education,madhya

           Bharat gwalior .

(f)        Cutting of newspaper announcement regarding the change / correction .

(g)        Covering letter from school , clearly mentioning the required correction.

Question 7 I have not got my pass certificate till now . what should  I do ?
Answer 7 First, contact to the School . if the school has lost / misplaced it then Board

            will not issue duplicate pass certificate . you can contact to the Board and

            send your name ,DOB, year of passing etc.

Question 8 Can you please send me the syllabus of all subjects for BSEMB examinations ?

 Answer 8  The syllabus can be seen at Boards official website that is

             www.bsembgwalior.edu.in .

Question 9 What is criteria for passing the BSEMB examinations ?

 Answer 9 Pass certificate will be awarded to condidate who clearly pass in all the subjects.

            the pass marks for each subject is 35% .

Question 10 What is the age - limit for appearing for BSEMB examinations ?

 Answer 10 There is no such age limit . However, schools while admitting the students

            are requested to follow the norms as set by government.
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Question 1 How can I get the entry details corrected in my registration card ?

 Answer 1 The principal of your school can apply for corrections in name,

           mother name ,father name, DOB etc. and submit the form to the Board.

Question 2 How can I obtain a migration certificate after completion of Examinations?

 Answer 2 Migration certificates are directly issued by the school from where the

            Candidate has appeared for examinations.

Question 3 I have passed my class X11 examinations. I wish to improve my grades .

            Can I appear from a center other than my original school ?

 Answer 3 Yes, you can appear from other examination center. you will have to give

           a written application to the principal of school from where you wish to appear

           for examination, who will register you through form for the entry to BSEMB


Question 4 I have earlier registered for five subjects from which one subject is Hindi

            but now I want to change my subject from Hindi to any subject can I do this ?

 Answer 4 The subjects once registered can be changed through an application form.

                   "Duplicate Documents"

Question 1 Somehow my mark sheet has been lost. How can I get duplicate mark sheet ?

 Answer 1 Contact to your school and then send your name, father name,mother name,

            DOB, class and roll no. of your previous mark sheet by e-mail to the Boards.

            e-mail ID with application form and fees.