Govt. Act & Rules



To elevate 40 crores of people from poverty in next 30 years.
To uplift 100 crores of people into rich and stable prosperity in next 40 years.

(1.1) Planned blueprint of economic mission and Infrastructures to be created in coming .2) Infrastructures to be created in coming years.

To optimize production and productivity of agriculture produce and bring the green revolution and white revolution to logical conclusion.
Land reformation and land reclamation
Food storage and processing
Marketing and export of raw and packaged food products.
Provision of I modern house to each family of country in next 40 years.
Provision of good drinking water to each person of the country in  next 20 years

To remove 50 crores of people from state of semi-illiteracy of complete in next 25 years.
To bring the process of  reforming the education system of the country to a logical conclusion and to create the most optimized and ideal system in next 30 years.
To delete the word like disease, sufferings from social dictionary completely under dual objective of  prevention and cure of disease in next 20 years.
e-literacy and availing benefits of e-revolution for 120 crores of people in next 40 years.
Enable Bharata to become number one sports country in the world in next 30 years.

(2.1) Planned blueprint of social mission
To increase efficiency of existing 100,000 school in the country in imparting ideal education to brainand heart of pupils.
To establish another 80.,000 model school based on my vision of ideal education which is an optimized combination of modern science and time-tested ancient values of Bharat .
To avail benefits of computer and e-revolution to each people of the country.
To enable Bharata to attain permanent supremacy on identified 50 major sports/games and to achieve unrivalled  sports glory.
Rural and Urban plantation, sanitation, and beautification.
Population control mission to achieve zero growth rates in next 30 years.

(2.1) Infrastructures to be created in coming years
80,000 school
10,000 of colleges
6000 stadiums in the country
1 computer and IT knowledge development center in every village.

BSEMB Gwalior Alumni